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Frequently Asked Questions

I've seen Airstreams in movies, do they still make them today?

Yes, they do. Airstream celebrates its 87th anniversary in 2017. The hand riveted aluminum bodied Airstream travel trailer has been made continuously throughout the company’s history.

Have the Airstream models available been specifically designed for the UK market?

Yes, we have worked with Airstream US to ensure the models contain UK familiar specification and are fully compliant with all relevant UK industry standards.

Are UK supplied Airstreams CRIS (Caravan Registration & Identification Scheme) registered?

Yes, all UK supplied Airstreams carry a unique 17 digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) number which is displayed on the vehicles windows and in other marked areas throughout the vehicle.

Can I order a US Airstream model through a UK dealer?

No, unfortunately the US models do not comply with UK industry standards and therefore we are unable to supply these in the UK.

What tow vehicle do I require for the model I am interested in?

Your Airstream retailer will be able to provide specific towing advice to ensure you have the appropriate tow vehicle.

How can I view an Airstream?

You can view models at Lowdhams.

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